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What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?

Что делает игрока хорошим капитаном в CS 2?

The game of CS GO is built in such a way that a lone player, albeit with a high level of skill, will not be able to win the match without being part of a full-fledged team, where everyone will perform some of their functions. To do this, there is a separate person responsible for the communication of the players of the composition among themselves, making tactical decisions, and so on. Of course, it can be difficult to keep track of all your own and other players, but without this it is impossible to become a real captain. In a broad sense, this is the brain of the team, most of the time doing what coordinates the entire decision during the round, determines the time of the exit or redraw, and also performs many analytical actions, making important decisions based on them. To understand exactly how this works, let’s try to give a simple but understandable example.

You can imagine that right now you have at your disposal a powerful processor, a top-end video card, 256 gigabytes of RAM, a 10,000 watt power supply, and so on, but you don’t have a motherboard that can combine it all into something united. It turns out that without the motherboard, the rest of the equipment is useless, and without the rest of the equipment, the motherboard will not be able to do anything.

The captain and other team players interact in the same way. In practice, it turns out that a team with strong individual performers will not necessarily be able to defeat a team of relative middle peasants, but with a strong leader in the composition. Let’s figure out what makes people captains and how to become a really good leader.

Types of captains cs go


Captains from this category pay a lot of attention to the strategic part of the game, constantly developing and trying various tactics, using prepared layouts during the match. This style of play is considered universal and stable, because it does not require excessively frequent decision-making during the match, because, if you have enough blanks, you can surprise your opponents in almost every round. True, for success, you will have to additionally analyze the game of each opponent, preparing a certain set of responses to his frequent actions. But if the opponent suddenly starts acting in a completely unexpected way, such captains begin to get lost and stop effectively managing the team, having no practical experience in calling based on a dynamically changing environment.

What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?


This approach can be easily identified by the fact that the captain constantly sends his players to different points of the map in order to collect the necessary information about the opponent’s actions, and only then makes a decision. The style is based on default tactics for reaching points that have been weakened for one reason or another. A significant disadvantage of such a strategy is that the enemy quickly adapts and it becomes impossible to invariably reach conditionally weak points, having only classic throws in his arsenal. Therefore, to bring the cards to a logical victory, you need to have several trump cards and unexpected solutions up your sleeve.

What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?


We named this variety as such, because it is the combination of the two previous styles that is the ideal solution. Thanks to this, it is possible to negate all the shortcomings and get only positive aspects. It is these captains who build truly strong teams around themselves, capable of showing high results. Naturally, in order to be so full of knowledge of the captain’s art, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, and it would also be nice to have a talent for interacting with people and a tactical vision of the situation.

What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?

How to become a captain

Map pull

Who, if not the team captain, should know all the features, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of a particular map? But learning all the cards from the competitive pool is one hundred percent impossible. Therefore, you should initially decide what is worth paying attention to, and what is better to delete immediately. Of course, the team should have a general idea of ​​all the cards, but this does not mean a thorough study of the entire existing list.

What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?


It is worth knowing and understanding on which cards a particular player performs best. To do this, at the first stages, you will need to play as many games as possible, as well as constantly rotate through positions. Over time, it will become clear where each player shows his best side. By providing opportunities for personal roleplaying and team interactions, it will be possible to form an overall picture of the team’s game on each map, unleashing the potential of the players to the maximum.

What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?

Game Sense

Without a real “sense of the game” it will not be possible to become not only a good captain, but also an “ordinary” player. Usually, this term means the collection and generalization in your head of all the information collected on the map during the round. For example, smoke falls on one of the sites, and after a few seconds a flash drive flies into the ramp. In theory, this may mean that one player of the opposite team is engaged in spreading, trying to create the appearance of reaching a certain point. A competent captain will quickly process this information and send one of his players to a position closer to the second bombsite in order to be able to react in a timely manner and strengthen one of the directions.


This is a critically important nuance, but, fortunately, it is quite simple to master and curb. With experience comes an understanding of how to easily and quickly calculate not only the economic opportunities of your team, but also of your opponent. For example, you can keep track of what weapons opponents play the round with, their deployment, and so on. You should also take into account the number of rounds lost in a row, bombs placed, and so on. All this will help to make a decision on the purchase in time, or else to call to buy farm guns in order to strengthen your economy against poorly armed rivals.

Browse games pro

You need to learn from the best and you should not be afraid or embarrassed to borrow strategies and solutions from professional players. Therefore, the right decision would be to watch the matches of professional teams and take various chips, grenades and even whole tactical decisions from there.

What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?


It is unlikely that you will be able to convince people of something or make them obey if you yourself are not sure of your words. All the nuances associated with this can only be trained and developed. But the main advice of the pros is that it is better to have at least some tactics or solution than to try to win based on some random actions.

A few tips

  • Captains may not shine in the leaderboard, but this is quite normal, because the main contribution to the team’s success is far beyond the plane of frags. Such famous captains as Daniil Zeus Teslenko often finished matches in last place, but setting the direction he did everything to win.
  • Before the start of the round, you need to have time to come up with some sort of layout for it so that the players do not run in all directions.
  • Do not be afraid of failure or that the chosen idea will not lead to victory.
  • In order to gain confidence from the players, when determining tactics for a round, you cannot use words similar to “probably”, “maybe”, and so on.
  • It is impossible to watch too many demos and recordings of games, because useful information is always needed.
  • The team must have a good psychological atmosphere, because without this it is impossible to achieve trust and normal interaction during difficult game situations.
  • You should not approach the process purely mechanically, you should always be a person in the full sense of the word. For example, a simple joke or a kind encouragement can improve your mood after a series of unsuccessful rounds.


It is important to understand that the captain is a significant part of the team. At the same time, a lot of players can quickly aim, shoot accurately, and so on. But far from everyone is given to manage the actions of the entire team at the same time. Yes, mastering all the intricacies of this role will be really difficult, but successful captains are always a welcome addition to the teams, because it is their actions that can bring victory in matches with relatively equal opponents.

What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?
What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?