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Binds for cleaning blood or traces from bullets CS:GO

Бинды на очистку крови или следов от пуль CS 2

Bind for blood removal CS GO

The practical usefulness of the considered CS GO bind, which removes traces of bullets and blood from the map, is hard to overestimate. The fact is that during the course of the round, various marks left by the players inevitably appear on the walls – it can be blood from wounds, or traces of bullet hits. In some situations, they are really capable of bringing certain difficulties and even preventing them from winning the coveted round. Therefore, the right decision would be to keep a bind on hand that removes all unnecessary.

How to put a bind on blood purification?

Like all other binds, this one is entered into the game console, replacing the value of the selected button.

CS GO blood cleansing bind / Blood cleansing bind

After pressing a pre-set key, all “extraneous” traces disappear on the map that can complicate the view.

 bind m "r_cleardecals"

// Standard usage on m
// If necessary, replace m with another button 

Bind to remove blood in CS GO by pressing SHIFT

By pressing the set key, the player constantly removes traces of blood left by opponents and teammates.

 bind shift "+speed; r_cleardecals"

// Bind works when you shift 

Bind to purify blood and bullets while walking

The convenience of this bind is that the process of removing traces is combined with moving around the map, that is, the player does not have to be additionally distracted by this process.

 bind w "+forward;r_cleardecals";
bind a "+moveleft;r_cleardecals";
bind s "+back;r_cleardecals";
bind d "+moveright;r_cleardecals"

// Cleanup will happen every time you move 

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Binds for cleaning blood or traces from bullets CS:GO
Binds for cleaning blood or traces from bullets CS:GO