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CS:GO Inventory Gradient

Градиент инвентарь CS 2

In this article, we will take a closer look at the skins from which you can assemble an inventory completely made in the “gradient” style. Of course, each owner of such an impressive collection will be able to make an indelible impression on both allies and opponents. And of course, playing with such a weapon is doubly pleasant, because it really has an attractive appearance, which is unlikely to bother you after a few months of playing.

As you can see, the color scheme consists of a smooth transition from yellow to purple. Moreover, the more purple – the cooler the pattern. Note that such skins began to be added to the game back in 2013, but since that time their popularity has not decreased.

Glock-18 | Gradient

CS:GO Inventory Gradient

If we look at the offers of the marketplace, we can see that this skin overtakes its closest pursuers at a price of as much as 800 dollars. The pistol is available in factory and slightly worn condition. In the first case, the cost will be about $ 1,250, in the second, a more modest, but still impressive $ 983. It seems that after buying this skin in the game you will no longer want to shoot from another pistol, regardless of the side and the current economy.

R8 Revolver | Gradient

CS:GO Inventory Gradient

Another light weapon that is a direct alternative to DE. The revolver does not enjoy excessive love among the players, but if someone manages to get comfortable with his shooting, he automatically becomes a real headache for opponents. If you decide to use this pistol on a permanent basis, then you should not deny yourself the pleasure and buy a gradient skin. In perfect quality, it will cost about $17, and up to $10 in a used one.

MAC-10 | Gradient

CS:GO Inventory Gradient

When collecting gradients, you definitely cannot do without this instance, which most players use in literally every game. If you are used to taking pistol rounds on the side of the terrorists, then the next or even two you have to spend with the MAC-10 in order to have time to fill your economy. The guns now exist in the top two quality grades, but the most expensive option will still set you back around $20, which is quite acceptable.

MP7 | Gradient

CS:GO Inventory Gradient

Another fairly powerful SMG, which differs from the previous one in increased accuracy. Interestingly, the gradient is not the most expensive skin for this device, but it is quite beautiful and earns the respect of other players. Factory condition will cost $16, slightly worn quality will cost $11, field-tested weapons will cost $8.

AWP | Gradient

CS:GO Inventory Gradient

The newest part of the gradient family is the sniper rifle, beloved by the WUA. Many professional players began to use this skin frequently, which spread its popularity among their fans. For example, weapons in this coloring can often be seen in the hands of Alexander S1mple Kostylev. Today it is one of the most expensive skins for a sniper rifle. For quality directly from the factory, you will have to pay a little more than one and a half thousand dollars, and for a slightly worn condition, a little less than one and a half thousand dollars.

Glove Gradient

CS:GO Inventory Gradient

To date, only one type of gloves in this color version has been released, and they have been available for purchase since 2018. They will be an excellent addition to the corresponding weapon collection, thus forming a harmonious and complete picture. But you need to understand that such a new thing in factory quality will cost more than $ 6,000. “Slightly worn” gloves will already cost about one and a half thousand, and, for example, a “battle-hardened” copy is sold in the range of 250-300 dollars.

Gradient knives

Considering gradient skins, it was impossible to limit ourselves to small arms only, because this color represents a lot of different knives. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to choose the right addition to the collection, similar to their desires, preferences and budget.

CS:GO Inventory Gradient

  1. Bayonet | Gradient – from $556.5;
  2. Bowie Knife | Gradient – from $368.1;
  3. Classic knife | Gradient – ​​from $663.3;
  4. Folding knife | Gradient – ​​from $355.3;
  5. Knife with hook blade | Gradient – from $168.4;
  6. Hunting knife | Gradient – from $309.5;
  7. Survival Knife | Gradient – from $650.7;
  8. Bear Knife | Gradient – ​​from $582.1;
  9. Claw | Gradient – ​​from $879.7;
  10. Karambit | Gradient – ​​from $1,138.5;
  11. Butterfly Knife | Gradient – ​​from $1,293.7;
  12. Stiletto | Gradient – from $ 334.7;
  13. Navaja | Gradient – from $154.0;
  14. Tramp | Gradient – ​​from $588.0;
  15. Skeleton knife | Gradient – ​​from $2,225.2;
  16. Bonded knives | Gradient – from $211.8;
  17. Paracord knife | Gradient – from $850.0;
  18. Bayonet M9 | Gradient – ​​from $680.0.

CS:GO Inventory Gradient
CS:GO Inventory Gradient