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Teammate mode in CS:GO

Режим Напарники в Counter-Strike 2

Developers rarely delight players with such large-scale updates that complement the CS with a whole new mode. But in the five years since its release (in 2017), for all users, Teammates have become a full-fledged part of the game, and for many, a full-fledged tool for training and honing certain skills.

How the Partner mode appeared

In its original form, the game mode in question was presented to the public along with the already classic Hydra operation, which the public really liked. Then the mode was added as a seasonal entertainment, but after seeing a positive response, the developers decided to leave it. And, as practice has shown, they were completely right.

Partners – what is this mode?

In fact, before you is a stripped-down version of the classic MM, adapted for the game of two teams of two players. In particular, matches are designed for 16 rounds. Maps have also been redone here – instead of the usual two bombsites, there is only one everywhere. The round time has also been reduced, to speed up the process it lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds.

In many ways, it was these factors that made the mode popular, because it allows players to get the full range of pleasure from the process, spending relatively little time for this. Also, playing 2v2 situations makes it possible to work out many difficult clutch situations, which is also quite important.

Maps for Partner mode

It is not known, consciously or not, but the developers synchronize the current mappool with the standard MM. Therefore, in the open spaces of the CS two by two, you can always find such cards:

  • Inferno. The map is familiar to everyone and everyone since the bearded times 1.6. In 2-2 variations, only plant A was left.
  • Overpass. Another favorite card in our country, which, however, appeared only in CS:GO. Here players will have to defend and attack Plant B.
  • Train. A classic that, even after being removed from the competitive pool, does not get old. Working on plant A.
  • Vertigo. Relatively fresh card that managed to win its fans. All events are developing on site A.
  • Nuke. Another old but still relevant map. Predicted, the whole game here is built around point B.

Note that the list of maps available may vary depending on the current patch and other factors. But the above list of cards is played almost always.

Economic component in pair mode

The economic part of the regime also succumbed to correction, because here the upper limit of the bank is set at 8,000 conventional dollars – two times less than the full-blooded regime. At the same time, it remained possible to buy 4 grenades each round, leaving a wide scope for tactics.

It turns out that the first and ninth rounds are devoted to pistol rounds, where players start with $800. Further, the losing side can make a force and even out the economy, or finally slide into the pistol rounds.

Frags still give the standard reward. As for payments for other activity, the following points can be highlighted:

  • The end of the timer for the attacking side – 0.
  • Action with a bomb (planting or clearing mines) – 300.
  • Early victory in the round for the defense side – 2750.
  • Loss per attack if the bomb is cleared – 800.
  • Victory for the defense by removing the bomb – 3000.
  • Victory for bomb attack – 3000.
  • Compensation for enemy suicide – 300.
  • Victory of either side by destroying opponents on the map – 2750.

The above information is not final and may be changed as part of the upcoming patches.

Rules of the game in Partner mode

As always, to play in this mode, you will have to get your own STIM account with the KSa client added to the library. Otherwise, everything is very easy, because even searching for a game at any time takes a symbolic 40-80 seconds, which means that the player is unlikely to get bored. You only need to select the appropriate mode in the main menu when starting the game.

To optimize the titles and selection of opponents, the system provides for several test calibration matches. Therefore, beginners need to be prepared for the fact that the first stripes will be received only after reaching the standard ten victories. Separately, we emphasize that the names of the titles issued are different from what can be seen in the standard MM.

Rating in Partner mode

For many years, developers have jealously guarded the secret of the system by which ratings are calculated and titles are awarded. But the players have identified a few nuances that definitely affect the progression. These include:

  • Actual parity between frags and player deaths.
  • The number of titles “player of the round” for a particular map taken or the average value at a distance.
  • The number of actions performed with the bomb (plant or defuse, depending on the side).
  • General actions on the map during the match – a kind of utility.

In any case, regular training and a stable game is guaranteed to lead to progress, although you should not expect quick results. But if you take the process seriously and constantly improve your skills, success will not be long in coming.

Teammate mode in CS:GO
Teammate mode in CS:GO